Restaurant Beverage Program

Let Hudson-Leramo Customize a Beverage Program For Your Restaurant or QSR

Our beverages are the perfect complement to your menu. Hudson-Leramo offers a wide variety of coffees and teas to optimize, yet simplify, your menu options. Whether a morning latte or an after-dinner premium dark roast coffee, we can provide the hot or cold beverage to satisfy your customer’s continually evolving tastes. In addition to beverages, we carry a premium line of allied products, enabling you to offer your patrons custom, enhanced drink options that include unique offerings such as Grilled Peach Lemonade and Honey, Lemon and Ginseng Iced Green Tea.

For the QSR channel, we have solutions for your high-volume iced tea day parts as well as the optimal solution in the QSR channel to serve Cold Brewed coffee continuously, without down time! To find out more contact Heather Short to make an appointment and arrange for a demonstration.


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